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Many people have outdated notions about hip replacement surgery, but gone are the days of lying in a hospital bed for weeks at a time. Instead, patients are on their feet shortly after their procedures and often going home within a day or two.

The most significant changes in joint replacement center around the advancement of technology, surgical techniques, and pain management. All these factors result in less invasive procedures with faster recovery times.

At Utah Orthopedics in Ogden, Texas, Dr. Thomas F. Calton specializes in hip and knee replacement surgeries, including outpatient procedures. Here are a few advantages to choosing same-day surgery when having your hip replaced.

Advanced surgical techniques

First and foremost, outpatient joint replacement procedures require expert skills and well-equipped facilities.

Utah Orthopedics is a modern, world-class medical facility led by Dr. Calton, who has more than 20 years of experience in orthopedic surgery. On top of that, he focuses specifically on hip and knee replacements.

Dr. Calton uses minimally invasive, cutting-edge techniques during an outpatient hip replacement procedure, including the anterior approach. Unlike the traditional posterior method through the buttock, accessing the hip joint from the front causes far less trauma in the area.

When you have one of the best surgeons in the field perform your hip replacement, it guarantees the best outcomes.

Less risk of infection

Same-day hip replacement surgeries also significantly reduce your risk of infection for two primary reasons.

Smaller incisions

Traditional surgeries rely on one large incision to access the surgical site. However, minimally invasive techniques can provide the same results by inserting cameras and special tools inside smaller incisions. Smaller incisions reduce your risk of infection, tissue damage, and blood loss.

Less exposure

Hospitals may be clean and sterile environments, but one in 25 Americans end up with at least one infection related to their care each year. As a result, the less time you spend in the hospital, the less likely you’ll develop a postoperative infection.

More comfort

It’s hard to beat the comforts of home, especially when recovering from surgery. In most cases, people have faster and happier recoveries when they could sleep in their own bed, eat their own food, and surround themselves with their favorite everyday comforts.

Being in familiar surroundings can be empowering when recovering from surgery, and these positive effects only provide more benefits when it comes to the healing process. Plus, avoiding a hospital stay can sometimes save you money, so it’s easier on your wallet, and you’re more comfortable at the same time.

Reduced pain and faster recoveries

Last but not least, all of these factors work together to provide faster recovery times with less pain than traditional procedures.

It all starts with the advanced surgical techniques, avoiding infection, and positive aspects of recovering in the comfort of your own home. However, with same-day hip replacement surgery, you can also expect your physical therapist to begin working with you immediately or within a day of your procedure. This intensive approach gets you back on your feet again as soon as possible.

In the end, outpatient hip replacements come with numerous advantages, but they aren’t for everyone. Dr. Calton can help you weigh the pros and cons to determine which joint replacement procedure is best for you.

For more information on hip replacement surgery and same-day procedures, contact Utah Orthopedics to schedule an appointment by calling (801) 758-0206.

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