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Having knee pain from time to time is bad enough. But when you have constant discomfort from osteoarthritis, it’s time to find solutions.

Osteoarthritis is a progresive, degenerative joint condition that causes the protective cartilage covering the ends of your bones to wear away. Without this cushion of tissue, bones rub against each other in the joint, leading to inflammation, pain, and even more degeneration.

But, there’s some good news. The knee joint also has a thick, jelly-like substance — called synovial fluid — that lubricates and cushions the joint. Viscosupplement injections can enhance its lubricating properties, offering lasting pain relief for osteoarthritis in the knees.

Thomas Calton, MD, who specializes in the most advanced techniques for hip and knee replacements at Elevate Surgical in Ogden, Utah, also offers more conservative treatments, such as viscosupplementation. That’s because not all knee pain requires surgery.

If you have osteoarthritis in your knees, viscosupplementation could help.

Viscosupplementation basics

Unlike other pain-relieving injections — which are based on pain medication — viscosupplementation focuses on restoring lubrication to the knee joint.

Dr. Calton uses Synvisc-One® viscosupplementation, which contains a gel-like mixture known as hyaluronan. This substance naturally occurs in the body, especially in the joints, where it lubricates, absorbs shock, and helps support healthy function.

When injected into a knee joint with osteoarthritis-related deterioration, Synvisc-One helps improve the lubricating properties of existing synovial fluid in the area. Once in place, you can expect improved mobility, reduced pain, and higher levels of comfortable activity.

And it only takes a single dose to provide up to six months of pain relief.

When to consider viscosupplementation

Synvisc-One comes with few risks or side effects. However, Dr. Calton typically recommends trying other osteoarthritis treatments first, such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Activity modification
  • Physical therapy
  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Corticosteroid injections

If you haven’t found relief from other knee pain therapies, Dr. Calton could suggest Synvisc-One as part of your treatment strategy.

What to expect from viscosupplementation

Dr. Calton administers Synvisc-One as a single injection into your knee joint during a routine visit. It usually takes a few minutes, and he applies a numbing agent in advance to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

After your injection, you go home and relax. Dr. Calton typically recommends avoiding strenuous activities, including high-impact or weight-bearing exercises, for 48 hours. But he provides detailed instructions based on the individual case.

In most cases, people tolerate Synvisc-One treatments very well, with less than 6% experiencing side effects, such as swelling, pain, heat, or redness around the knee. But, when these reactions do occur, they’re usually mild and don’t last long.

Everyone responds differently to Synvisc-One therapy, but you can usually expect to notice significant pain relief in your knee within approximately one month, and it can last up to six months. And, unlike other treatments, such as corticosteroid injections, you can safely repeat Synvisc-One injections multiple times without worry or risk.

Do you have knee pain from osteoarthritis and want to see if viscosupplementation can help you? Learn more by calling (801) 758-0206 or booking an appointment online with Elevate Surgical today.

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