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An estimated 700,000 knee replacements and 300,000 hip replacements occur in the United States each year. These procedures can provide significant pain relief and vast improvements in your quality of life, especially if you have severe arthritis or joint damage. However, many put off these procedures because of concerns over how long replacement joints will last.

At Utah Orthopedics in the heart of Ogden, Utah, Thomas Calton, MD, specializes in orthopedic surgery, with a focus on hip and knee replacements. When you have joint replacement surgery, Dr. Calton removes damaged portions of your joints and replaces them with artificial components. Here’s what you should know about artificial joints and what to expect after your procedure.

New studies, new estimates

In the past, doctors typically expected hip or knee replacements to last at least 10-15 years. However, two 2019 studies show that artificial joints can last significantly longer. In fact, data on hip replacements revealed nearly:

  • 60% lasted 25 years
  • 70% lasted 20 years
  • 90% lasted 15 years

Results were even more promising with knee replacements, which showed 82% lasting 25 years, 90% for 20 years, and a staggering 93% being functional for 15. However, the chance of needing a second procedure is higher in younger patients, especially males, and 35% of men in their early 50s often require another surgery.

While artificial joints are typically made from highly durable materials, such as metal and high-grade plastic, they can still wear out over time. As a result, it’s important to weigh how long a joint replacement will last when considering when to have your procedure done.

Improved results

Hip and joint replacements are lasting longer all the time thanks to advancements in hardware and surgical techniques. At Utah Orthopedics, Dr. Calton relies on cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques to provide incredible results with less pain and faster recovery times. This includes outpatient hip and knee replacements, where you can return home within 24 hours.

These minimally invasive techniques cause less trauma than traditional methods. With less trauma, you’ll heal faster and there’ll be less of a chance for complications. Dr. Calton also provides the highest quality of postoperative care, including more aggressive mobilization and physical therapy.

Even with all of these advancements, there isn’t a 100% guarantee on how long your joint replacement might last. To help ensure the best long-term results, Dr. Calton will thoroughly evaluate your condition before recommending the best treatment option.

When to consider joint replacement surgery

While hip or knee replacement surgery can offer life-changing results, Dr. Calton typically recommends waiting to undergo surgery until conservative treatments — such as lifestyle changes, medication, joint injections, and physical therapy — no longer provide relief.

To learn more about joint replacements and to see if one may help you, book an appointment over the phone with Utah Orthopedics today.

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